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What is Elmobility?


The Elmobility Room is a mobile play room donated to The American Legion Department of Michigan for the purpose of “bringing comfort to the children of our service men and woman”


When Michigan Military units prepare to deploy or return from deployments the units hold meetings and seminars with the units to  provide information. During these meetings it is important that both the service member and the spouse attend, however, those with small children can be easily distracted from the meeting.


The Elmobility Room can be requested by a Military Unit or organization to be set up by the American Legion on site of the seminar or meeting.  The room provides children with a safe and playful environment to gather while their parents attend the meeting.


Requesting Elmobility


Units requesting the Elmobility Room should contact for scheduling and availability:

Lisa Wolf: (586) 202-1567


Gary Tanner: (313) 550-4289


Information and Forms for ELMobility Room Use



- The unit is responsible for providing child care for the Elmobility Room

- The Elmobility Room is for indoor use only


Please submit request at least four weeks in advance.


Cost for the room: FREE


We ask the unit provide 2 volunteers to assist in set-up and tear-down of the room


What comes with the room?


The Elmobility Room is loaded with toys and activities for all the young children.  We now have a TV and game console for the older kids to play as well.