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Recruit, Retain, & Renew Tips


The following are a links to booklets, tips sheets, and flyers to help you recruit new members, retain current members, and renew delinquent members.


When was the last time you performed a Post Audit?

Download Post Audit

The Post Audit is a great tool to help evaluate where your Post stands in working the programs set forth with The American Legion.  This is not meant to be a “gotcha” document; it is for a real internal look at how the Post is conducting business internally and externally.


Are you promoting the value of your membership?

Value of Membership

Legionnaires sometimes forget all of the things their membership supports, this document is just a small list of all the Legion does.


How does a Post build a Membership Team?

Membership Team Training Guide

One person cannot do everything, it takes a team, it takes commitments, and it takes persistent to build a strong and healthy membership.  Use this manual from The American Legion to establish a Post membership team.   Learn strategies and processes for making membership stronger.


Help with public relations specifically with membership

Membership PR Guide

The PR person of your team needs a guide, download and present them this manual to help.


Gather a team and do phone calls

Phone Scripts

Sometimes a simple phone call is all that is needed to retain members or recruit new ones.  These are several  phone scripts that can be used for various situations.


Brainstorming some ideas

50 Shades of Membership

These are 50 ideas on how to retain, recruit, and renew members; one idea could spark a huge difference in your membership.


Spread the Word

Flyers to spread around town


Emblem Family                       Emblem Recruit                      Liberty Family                       Liberty Recruit



Flag Flyer (Word doc)            Uncle Sam Family                 Uncle Sam Recruit                  Car Flyer