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Youth Career Law Enforcement Program

Scholarships range from $500 to $1000

Learn about Law Enforcement

These will be awarded for 2015 program at the Michigan State PoliceTraining Academy on Canal Road , Lansing .

In partnership with the Michigan State Police, this program will teach young men and women about a career in law enforcement.  If a student is interested about a career in law enforcement or is not sure, they should attend this program.

They learn:

Proper handling of firearms
Self-defense techniques
Water safety
Classes on crime lab and forensics
Intense physical training
and other aspects of a law enforcement career

Sign up now for the 2015 Class

July 19th –July 24th, 2015 (application deadline is May 29th, 2015)


Who is eligible?

For high school students entering 10th, 11th and 12 grade males and females age 16 to 18 in good physical condition with an interest in law enforcement.

A completed 2015 application listed on this page along with the $390 fee must be returned to American Legion State Headquarters for either program sessions by their respective deadline program dates.

For more information, contact a local Michigan American Legion Post or Roxanne by email at programs@michiganlegion.org or by phone at 517-371-4720 ext. 11.

2015 Student Trooper application

Student Trooper Brochure

Call Roxanne at (517) 371-4720 ext 23 or e-mail her at programs@michgianlegion.org for more information on Youth Career Law Enforcement Program

A great career start. Successfully completing this course impresses colleges and helps with many careers.

School officials, teachers and students: The American Legion brochure sent to the schools listed many American Legion programs but was limited in details. This web page should answer any questions but if you have others please contact Deanna by phone or email. We know you are all very busy but all the students should have the opportunity to attend the Academy. Our programs benefit the youth and the discipline and self confidence gained from this Law Enforcement  experience gives students a head start on  their career path. To find an American Legion Post to contact, go to this link: www.michiganlegion.org/pdfs/locate_city.pdf

Legionnaires, some of you have given students a boost in their self confidence through attendance at the Academy, but very few Posts and High Schools can point to a student in their area who has attended.  To give more of our youth this opportunity, the schools need help from local Posts and their members. Make contact with the proper school officials and remind them of the brochure that was sent to them. A face to face contact is always best. Let them know what the Trooper program is all about and how to get applications and all the information from this web site. Ask for a chance to talk directly to a group of students. Let the contact know that you will call back to see which students might be interested and help with the application process. Remember, if the Post cannot handle the sponsor fee, alone there are other sources for at least part of it. The candidate’s families have been helping so their youth can attend.

212 N. Verlinden Ave Suite A, Lansing, MI 48915
Phone: 517-371-4720 Fax: 517-371-2401 info@michiganlegion.org