Support Commander Wood's Special Project

Commander Wood wants to improve the infrastructure at Wilwin at Cygnet Cove.  The infrastructure will allow scouting groups to use the property without bringing added equipment.  A $20 donation for each coin is requested.  Thank you for supporting Scouting.

Opportunities to earn money for college

Registration is now open to compete in the 2020 High School Oratorical Contest

The prizes at the national level have increased to $20,000 for first place.  For the student who looks for an academic challenge and an opportunity to gain scholarship funds, The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program is a natural fit. Students learn about our country’s Constitution in a contest that has been held by The American Legion for more than 80 years.

Register here before November 19, 2019

Submit by January 13, 2020
Submit by January 13, 2020
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Submit by January 10, 2020
Submit by May 26, 2020
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Submit by April 3, 2020
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