The 100th Legislative Session in Michigan Begins

LANSING (JAN. 14) – The 100th legislative session in Michigan opened last week. The new class of Senators and Representatives were sworn in and began working.

Before leaving on Thursday afternoon, the Senate named their committees for the new session but introduced no new legislation.  The House has not announced their committee structure yet but introduced some legislation.

Changes from the previous session, the Senate has decided to eliminate the Military, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security committee and place it into the Families, Seniors, and Veterans committee.  It was this way several sessions ago and is now returning. 

Assignments to sub-committees for Appropriations have not posted.

Families, Seniors, and Veterans—Sen. Bizon (Chair), Sen. Barrett (Vice Chair), Sen. Runestad, Sen. Johnson, Sen. Zorn, Sen. Bullock (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Alexander

Appropriations–Sen. Stamas (Chair), Sen. Bumstead (Vice Chair), Sen. Barrett, Sen. Bizon, Sen. LaSata, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. MacGregor, Sen. Nesbitt, Sen. Outman, Sen. Runestad, Sen. Schmidt, Sen. Victory, Sen. Hertel (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Bayer, Sen. Hollier, Sen. Irwin, Sen. McCann, Sen. Santana.

New House legislation introduced:  If you are a military retiree or received a pension House Bill 4006 seeks to undo the taxing of pensions.

House Bill 4023, will create a pilot program to allow military medical personnel to practice under the supervision of medical professions.

House Bill 4026, expands concealed weapon laws.

Look for updates as the session continues.  For more information check out

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