The Only Written  Official Call

The Only Written
Official Call
American Legion, Department of Michigan
Annual Fall Conference

September 18-20, 2020

Gateway Holiday Inn

Flint, Michigan

Department Commander Barry Wood

To be in compliance with current governor executive orders, the following is the official call of the 2020 Fall Conference.  Call subject to change at any time if governor executive orders change.  Changes will be posted at

Attendees are required to bring personnel protective equipment.  All CDC protocols will be adhered to during the conference about PPE and social distancing.

Purpose:  To implement plans for the new American Legion program year and to conduct the business of the American Legion, Department of Michigan. Department committees (who are called, see below) will meet to plan and discuss programs for the new year.  The Department Executive Committee will meet to receive reports from the committee chairmen.  Awards will be presented, and schools of instruction will be conducted on a variety of subjects.

The Department Executive Committee members, Department Committees, and Chairmen listed below are officially called to participate at the Holiday Inn Gateway Hotel, in Flint.

 The following DEC members are called:  Department Adjutant, Chaplain, Finance Officer, five Zone Commanders, National Executive Committeeman, Judge Advocate, Sergeant-at-Arms, Immediate Past Commander, Historian, and District Commanders.

The three Department Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms are called.

The following committees are called:  Finance/Personnel, Internal Affairs, Permanent Time & Place.

The following committee chairman are called to report to the DEC and to receive a school of instruction: Americanism, Baseball, Boys State, Children & Youth, Education & Scholarship, Legislative, Membership, National Security & Foreign Relations, Post Development, Media & Communications, Reconnect, Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation, Veteran Affairs Volunteer Services/Veteran Health Volunteer Services, and Veterans Employment & Education.

  • Committee Chairmen listed above will hold a committee meeting between August 15 – September 14 through a phone conference or video conference method with their committees prior to Fall Conference. A meeting packet will be emailed prior to August 15.
  • Headquarters will assist chairmen with arrangements if needed. Committees may utilize the department Zoom and Free Conference Call accounts.
  • An invitation will be extended to the Department Commander and the Adjutant for each committee meeting.

Registrations: Registration fee is $15.00 for all members and guests.

Department Executive Committee meets Friday, September 18, at 4:00 p.m. 

Department Committees meet Friday, September 18; meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. See schedule in the September Legionnaire or at (available soon).

Schools of instruction will be conducted on Saturday, September 19.  See the September MI Legionnaire and conference brochure for a list of classes. Classes will be presented in person for committee chairmen, and the DEC, but also classes for all members will be made available via the internet, by Zoom Webinar, YouTube Live, or Facebook Live.

Department Executive Committee will reconvene on Saturday, September 19, at 3:00 p.m.


  1. Will the DEC meet on Sunday?  No, it is our intent to finish all business by 6:00 p.m. Saturday.  Attendees are free to leave after the DEC meeting.
  2. Will committee chairmen, be expected to stay the whole conference? Committee Reports will start at Friday’s DEC meeting, chairmen are expected to attend the school of instruction on Saturday, and per diem checks will be distributed after the school of instructions for those chairmen who gave reports on Friday.
  3. Will there be a GNUTS? Due to the nature of executive orders, we will NOT have GNUTS.
  4. If I am not being called to Fall Conference, may I still attend the conference? Yes, however, the department reserves the right to limit access to a meeting room if capacity levels are reached with call-in members.
  5. Will training be made available to members? YES, schools of instruction will be given via Zoom, Facebook Live, and-or YouTube Live on Saturday. 
  6. Are alternate district commanders allowed to attend?
  7. Hospitality rooms will not be permitted during the conference.

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