Reconnect Committee

Chairman Alicia Burton - Post 153, District 8, Zone 3

Rich Jennings - Post 1111, District 5, Zone 2

Kenneth Pierce - Post 7, District 7, Zone 3

Paulus Obey - Post 4, District 7, Zone 3

Charley Mathews - Post 106, District 10, Zone 4


Homeless Veterans Subcommittee Chairperson Rich Jennings


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Reconnect Rules of procedure

The purpose of the Reconnect Committee is to inform the citizen soldiers and active duty personnel of the services provided by The American Legion.

Strengthen the bond between the citizen soldiers, active duty personnel and The American Legion.

Inform the citizen soldiers and active duty personnel about The American Legion and Federal programs, benefits and veteran entitlements.

Assist in garnering acceptance and support from local communities for the missions and needs of the citizen soldier and active duty personnel.

Assist in enhancement of quality of life programs.

Provide The American Legion the opportunity to continue our charge to provide service to our veterans, their families and their communities.