Department Commander


2023-2024 Department Commander

Brian Mohlman

I first joined the U.S. Air Force National Guard in 1979. I went to Western Michigan University and earned my Bachelor of Business Administration Accountancy. I rejoined and earned eligibility during the Global War on Terrorism Era with the U.S. Air Force National Guard 1990-2012. While Serving my Posts 298 & 257 as Commander 2015-2022, we achieved 100% Post Membership All Years. I attended National American Legion College in 2018.

Since then, I have continued to serve the American Legion Department of Michigan in various roles, including Kalamazoo County Commander 2017-2018, District 3 2nd Vice-Commander 2019-2020, Department DMS Coordinator 2018-2019, Department Membership Director 2020-2021 & 2021-2022, Department 1st Vice-Commander 2022-2023, National Americanism Council 2018-2021, and Membership & Post Activities Committee 2021-2023.

I have been a PUFL Member of The American Legion for 10 years.


Immediate Past Commander - Marilyn Britten

Delegates at The American Legion, Department of Michigan 2022 Annual Convention in Kalamazoo elected U.S. Army Veteran Marilyn Britten as their 104th Department Commander.







 National Executive Committeeman 2023 - 2024

Larry Money U.S. Army








Alt National Executive Committeeman 2023 - 2024



Brett Holt U.S. Navy