Americanism & Community Service Committee

Don Meskill, (Post 443, 10th District, 4th Zone)
Americanism Chairman


  • John Stam, (Post 559, 11th District, 5th Zone)
  • Carl Atkinson, (Post 45, 4th District, 2nd Zone)
  • Ron Blaisdell, (Post 32, 17th District, 3rd Zone)
  • Jena Wilmers, Alternate, (Post 179, 5th District, 2nd Zone)
  • Lawrence Burwell (Post 331, 4th District, 2nd Zone), Law and Order Subcommittee Chair 
  • Clyde Sinclair ( Post 102, 5th District, 2nd Zone), Scouting Subcommittee Chair

Fort Custer National Cemetery Liaison: Cliff Rose

Great Lakes National Cemetery Liaison: Steve Striggow

The purpose of the Americanism and Community Service Committee is to develop and coordinate Department activity, promoting understanding and appreciation of American Government and activity in the American way of life through youth activities, community service, instruction of prospective citizens and immigrants, education and education facilities and to combat subversive activities.