Legislative Committee

Chairman Timothy Poxson – Post 238, District 6, Zone 3

Joe Renis – Post 350, District 19, Zone 4

Bill Coffey – Post 144, District 12, Zone 5

Stephen Stevens – Post 14, District 18, Zone 3

Brian Mohlman – Post 257, District 3, Zone 2

Doug Carignan – Post 4, District 7, Zone 3

Department Legislative Director Mark Sutton – Post 32, District 1, Zone 1

Ex-Officio Members Department Commander Barry Wood

Ex-Officio Members Department Adjutant Ronald Runyan

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to be responsible for representing The American Legion before the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, and each committee thereof, on all legislative matters in which The American Legion is officially interested and to assist the Commander in formulating an appropriate Legislative program for the House and Senate.