National Security & Foreign Relations Committee

Chairman Keith Wakefield – Post 154, District 5, Zone 2

John Kailunas – Post 381, District 9, Zone 4

Tom Decarlo – Post 27, District 12, Zone 5

Craig Wotring – Post 57, District 8, Zone 3

POW/MIA Subcommittee Sub Chair Gary Hlavka – Post 35, District 9, Zone 4

Blood, Eye and Vital Organ Bank Subcommittee Sub Chair Lavern Spolarich – Post 212, District 8, Zone 3

National Security Rules of procedure

The purpose of the National Security and Foreign Relations Committee is to propagate an interest in and a furtherance of the principles of national  security as advocated by The American Legion and to serve as a medium of disseminating and understanding of these principles through the Department and Posts of The American Legion and its affiliated associations.