Post Development Committee

Chairman Jerry Andrus – Post 29, District 2, Zone 2

Stan Kennedy – Post 323, District 11, Zone 5

Al Ford – Post 282, District 2, Zone 2

Pascal Koyton – Post 375, District 1, Zone 1

August Miele – Post 4, District 7, Zone 3

Scott Nichols – Post 412, District 8, Zone 3

Derek Blumke – Post 46, District 2, Zone 2

The purpose of the Post Development Committee is to determine the areas in which new Posts are needed; usually wherever a high school exists without a nearby Post or where population can absorb an additional Post.

Make three (3) follow up visits to all new Posts that were formed the previous American Legion year. Each Zone member will be responsible for the visits to the new Posts in their Zone. First visit should take place prior to Fall Conference, second visit should take place prior to Winter Meeting and third visit should take place prior to Department Convention. This will allow the committee member time to report to the committee at said meetings on the condition of the new Posts in his or her Zone.  Receive requests from existing Posts for this committee to help them in revitalizing their Post. In no case will the Post Development Committee go into a Post to revitalize them without first being invited by the Post in question.