Veteran Affairs Volunteer Service/VA Hospital Volunteer Services Subcommittee

Gerald Dennis, (Post 459, 5th District, 2nd Zone)


Hospital Representatives:

  • Dan Osbourne – Battle Creek
  • Frank Roche – Detroit
  • James Feliciano – Jacobetti Home for Veterans, Marquette
  • Ferrand Ethington – Iron Mountain
  • James Long – Ann Arbor
  • Gerald Dennis – Grand Rapids Home for Veterans
  • Henry Altman – Saginaw

The purpose of the VAVS/VHVS Committee is the careful integration of preferred services of members of voluntary service organizations and individuals into the overall Veterans Administration program for the veteran patient and the integration of the hospital into the community thinking and living.

The official representation of The American Legion on the Veterans Administration Advisory Committee is the channel through which all services and information from The American Legion to the hospital should flow. It is also the channel through which all requests and information from the hospital to the organization should flow.