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Who We Are

The war on terrorism has affected every city, town, and neighborhood across America.  Today, more than ever before, our friends, neighbors, and relatives are being called to war as members of the National Guard and Reserves.

Families left at home while their loved ones are deployed often have to cope with household repairs and other emergencies that can become overwhelming, especially when their family member is away.

Legionnaires and members of The American Legion Family have “been there… done that.”   We know the emotional pain, worry, and loneliness caused by wartime deployments.  We know the trauma of war firsthand and the difficulties associated with keeping the home fires burning in our absence.

Since 1919, The American Legion has been committed to helping military veterans and their families.

Families of deployed service personnel that need help can call their local American Legion Post or the National Hotline @ 1-800 504-4098.

Military to Civilian Transition

Separating from the military, whether it is after four years or twenty years can be a difficult time.   The structure of military life is no longer in place and sometimes we find that we miss the structure and the buddies we had while serving.

Financial difficulties can occur during that transition, even years later.  The American Legion has temporary assistance programs and other programs that might be able to help reconnect you with civilian life or your family.

The mission of Reconnect

Provide the Best Possible Support for our Veterans and Offer Timely, Relevant Reintegration Assistance for our Returning Service Members and their Families

The American Legion Department of Michigan's Reconnect Committee has been working very hard to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s military families as well as our veterans. Our mission has evolved into one that emphasizes troop and family support and reintegration assistance. Together with other service organizations and community partnerships, the American Legion strives to ease the stress and worry experienced by our military families before, during, and after deployment and to assist our service members to gain access to critical services and emergency assistance.

Request Temporary Financial Assistance from the Reconnect programs

Note: Legal Fees, Credit Card Debt and non-essential, (luxury items or services), are not eligible for the American Legion Department of Michigan Temporary Financial Assistance. (Unforeseen Emergent Needs Only)

Checks are made payable to the party owed by the Veteran, not to the Veteran. Checks will be processed at our headquarters in Lansing and mailed directly to the party owed by the Veteran.

To apply for the Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Program Assistance, the Veteran must complete the Reconnect Temporary Financial Assistance application and return it along with:

Temporary Financial Assistance Application

  • Contact Information: (phone and email)
  • Proof of Honorable character of service.
  • A copy of the actual bill(s) requesting assistance with.
  • Documentation can be emailed to: or Faxed to: (586) 412-3050

NOTES: Be sure to indicate how the check(s) should be made payable to the party owed, as well as any memo line info such as an address, or account numbers along with the correct mailing address for the party owed.

We recognize Michigan American Legion Posts for the commitment to our mission

The American Legion, Department of Michigan Reconnect committee wants to recognize the good deeds that posts do each year through the James W. Schutze Award.

James W. Schutze
Sept. 5th1946 – June 18th2011

James W. Schutze was a dedicated Legionnaire who took the motto “Veterans Serving Veterans” very seriously. Throughout his esteemed 34 years, Legion career Jim held many positions in his Post, District, County, and Department to include Post, District and County Commander. Jim served the Department as a member of the Public Relations Committee and later as the Vice Chairman of the Reconnect Committee.

In 2011 Jim was elected as the 2nd Zone Commander but was never able to assume office before his passing. Jim worked tirelessly on behalf of his fellow veterans and always went the extra mile on their behalf. Jim wanted to ensure that the families of our deployed troops were well taken care of and when the service member returned home that they received the care and assistance they deserved.

This award is presented to the Michigan American Legion Post, at the Department Annual Convention, that mostly exemplifies Jim Schutze’s spirit of service to our service members, our veterans, and their families.

To nominate a Michigan American Legion Post for their dedication through their reconnect program please use this form: James W. Schutze Award Form.

Other Veteran Employment and Education Awards

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