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Form to request commanders visit

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Post Adjutant & Membership Forms

Paid Up for Life is completed on-line PUFL - Call 1-800-433-3318 to signup and pricing information

Forms need to receive membership cards from department headquarters.  In order to receive the new membership year cards, these forms with payment for bond are required to be sent to department headquarters.  If you have questions contact Membership at (517) 220-2749

SAL Adjutant Forms

Post Service Officer Forms

Department Committee Forms

Do you want to apply for a department or a national committee?

Each membership year Legionnaires are needed to serve on department level and national level committees.  If you would like to request that you be considered for one of the committees please fill out the form(s) and return to the department headquarters with attention: Appointments

Other Forms

Suggested constitution and bylaws for a district or a post