What is the "Heroes to Hometown" program?

When the U.S. President and Congress authorize military action, our young men and women in uniform are asked to fight the battles. Those battles happen on the battlefield, and sometimes, they continue when they return home.

Making the transition from military to civilian life, especially if there is a disability involved, can be difficult. In 2005, The American Legion recognized that because of today's medical advancements, service members injured due to combat operations, roadside bombs, and lone terrorists were surviving. Those service members return to homes that are not equipped to handle their injuries.

The Heroes to Hometown program was created to assist Veterans who have a disability to equip their homes to accommodate their disability. Yes, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, will provide some benefit to retrofit a home, but sometimes that help cannot come fast enough.

The American Legion feels a Veteran who can be in their own home, surrounded by family, helps them recover faster, physically, and mentally.

This program helps with building ramps for homes to help with wheelchair access, widening doors, bathroom fixtures, or help with vehicle modifications.

We want to help Veterans stay in their homes as long as they are able. The Heroes to Hometown program is available for Veterans with disabilities to receive financial assistance with home modifications not covered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you would like to help a Veteran with a home modification or other assistance to keep them in their home, donate to the Michigan American Legion Foundation Heroes to Hometown program today.

If you are a Veteran in Michigan and need assistance and would like to see if assistance is available, talk with a Veteran Service Officer near you. To find a VSO near you, contact the Michigan Veterans Coalition at 833-648-3826 or visit https://miveteranbenefits.org/