Internal Affairs Committee

Chairman Ronald McCall – Post 216, District 18, Zone 3

Robert Mayrand – Post 217, District 16, Zone 1

Howard Crumit Jr. – Post 88, District 18, Zone 3

Richard Chatman – Post 202, District 1, Zone 1

Carl Morrison – Post 44, District 12, Zone 5

Constitution and By-Laws Subcommittee Sub Chair Tim Hernandez – Post 267, District 6, Zone 3

Legion Riders Sub Chair Robert Kamin – Post 426, District 16, Zone 1

SAL Liaison PDC Raymond Moore

Ex-Officio Members Department Commander Barry Wood

Ex-Officio Members Department Judge Advocate

Internal Affairs Rules of procedure

To formulate and recommend policies and to oversee the implementation of adopted policies relating to activities conducted for organizational purposes including, but not limited to, such matters that do not properly come within the scope of any other Department committee; further, to review and recommend administrative procedures of the Department Headquarters on matters referred to this committee by a Department officer.

Suggested constitution and bylaws for a district or a post