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Note: The American Legion is a non-profit 501 (c) 19 corporation, we do not endorse political candidates for public office.  We do encourage Legion family to engage with their elected representatives on issues related to veterans, military, and national security.

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Find your State Representative

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How do I find current legislation and the status of bills? – The legislature keeps a website up to date on the status of all bills introduced in the State House and the State Senate.   Find legislation

Recommended reading

On the legislature web page referenced above is a link to a publication section.  There are several publications we recommend members read to be familiar with their state government.  Find publications

We recommend reading the following:

  • Citizens Guide to State Government
  • Legislative Briefing Book
  • Michigan Constitution
  • Veteran Benefits booklet

These publications are free to download or you can also contact your representative and request a copy.