Children and Youth Committee

Chairman- John Knox - Post 351, District 7, Zone 3

Bob Bigham - Post 253, District 18, Zone 3

Vernon 'Butch' Noel - Post 349, District 12, Zone 5

Keith Gardner - Post 2021, District 16, Zone 1

Gary Lane - Post 21, District 12, Zone 5

Alternate Skipper Townes - Post 287, District 5, Zone 2

Children and Youth Rules of procedure

The purpose of the Children and Youth Committee is to formulate and implement plans, programs and activities designed to assure care and protection for the children of veterans and to improve conditions for all children and youth with due concern for maintaining the integrity of the family home, preventing social and physical ills of children and youth where possible,  utilizing services of and cooperating with sound organizations and agencies  for children and youth, and maintaining a balanced program that provides for  their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.