National Security & Foreign Relations Committee

Chairman Keith Wakefield - Post 154, District 5, Zone 2

John Kailunas - Post 381, District 9, Zone 4

Tom Decarlo - Post 27, District 12, Zone 5

Lavern Spolarich - Post 212, District 8, Zone 3

Merry Lesert - Post 287, District 5, Zone 2

POW/MIA Subcommittee Chair

Blood, Eye and Vital Organ Bank Subcommittee Sub Chair Merry Lesert

National Security Rules of procedure

The purpose of the National Security and Foreign Relations Committee is to propagate an interest in and a furtherance of the principles of national  security as advocated by The American Legion and to serve as a medium of disseminating and understanding of these principles through the Department and Posts of The American Legion and its affiliated associations.