Department Commander

2022-2023 Department Commander

Marilyn Britten


Marilyn Britten is a 22-year member of The American Legion. She earned her eligibility through her service in the United States Army during the Vietnam and Lebanon/Grenada eras.

Further, Marilyn has served in many offices at the post, district, and department levels, including three Department chairmanships and several committees. At the National level, she has served as the Chair of Membership and Post Activities for two years. She continues to serve as a member of the National Legislative Council and National Security Council.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts in Criminology from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. Marilyn has taught high school, college and for both military and civilian employees while in the military. She is a graduate of The American Legion Leadership College and has served as a facilitator there.



Immediate Past Commander - Richard Dubay


Delegates at The American Legion, Department of Michigan 2021 Annual Convention in Sault Ste Marie elected U.S. Air Force Veteran Richard Dubay as their 103rd Department Commander.

Richard has many accomplishments in The American Legion; the highest being Past National Historian.






 National Executive Committeeman 2021 - 2023

Jerry Lynch U.S. Navy 









Alt National Executive Committeeman 2021 - 2023

Larry Money U.S. Army