Rider Grab & Go Program

Michigan American Legion Rider Chapters participate in a Grab & Go competition.

Onsted American Legion Riders Post 550 started the Grab & Run in 2010.

It started with the simple idea to promote camaraderie with other American Legion Post and have a little fun. The basic idea is each ALR group that has a plaque can go to another participating Post and grab their plaque (Grab & Run).

In 2012 we started the Grab & Run Trophy program. Where each ALR group that makes a run to another Post to pick up plaques receives points for the number of members on the run and for miles traveled.

At the end on the year the Post with the most points wins the Grab & Run Trophy.

Last year winner will host a banquet for the new winner.

The Grab & Run Trophy was designed similar to the Stanley Cup trophy. Where it has up to 60 years of room for the winners of the Grab & Run.

As of 06-12-13 there 26 American Legion Post and there Riders thru out Michigan participating in the Grab & Run program.

Grab & Run Rules
1. The Rules must be posted on the back of your plaque.
2. Your Post must have a plaque in order to take another Post plaque.
3. One Post can only take (2) plaque’s from another Post per day.
4. They must leave their post phone number, the date, the time and members names, so the plaque can be accounted for.
5. A minimum of 7 ALR Members from the same American Legion Post. Must be on motorcycles from April 1st thru October 1st.
October 2nd thru March 31st it can be any other vehicle.
All must have ALR patches on vest or coats.
(It does not state 7 Motorcycles) It states 7 members.
6. Plaque must be in house for 24 hours, before it can be retrieved. And 24 hours at home post before taking again.
7. Plaques cannot be taken out of Michigan.

Amendment to Rule #5 –A minimum of 5 ALR members from the same American Legion Post – may pick up ONE plaque, 7 members can take TWO plaques.