We Believe

Have you served one day of active honorably duty in the U.S. Armed Forces since December 7, 1941?

The American Legion is the largest Veterans Service Organization in the nation.  We were founded in 1919 in Paris, France by Doughboys of World War One on four founding pillars.

  • Americanism
  • Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation
  • National Security
  • Children and Youth

We believe in patriotism, honoring the flag, treating it right.  We believe our veterans deserve the best care for the wounds they may have suffered while serving. We believe in a strong national defense, and we believe the children of this country are our future.

In Michigan, we have over 350 American Legion Posts.

When you join The American Legion you become a part of over 2 million voices that are heard in Washington, D.C.

When you join The American Legion you help fund 22 accredited veteran service officers in Michigan, helping local veterans apply for U.S. Veteran Affairs benefits.  Those VSO's help brings over $150,000,000 in new benefits to our veterans.  That is money that goes straight to the veteran.  We want veterans to know, "Don't Face the VA, Alone."  On the national level when you join The American Legion you support 24 Nationally Accredited Veteran Service Officers assisting veterans when their claim must be appealed to Washington.

When you join The American Legion you give opportunities to students to learn, and earn money for college, through our scholarships.  michiganlegion.org/scholarships.  Our Boys and Girls State programs teach our youth how a representative republic works.  For one week they create a state that high school juniors run.  It is all hands-on and learning government by doing.

The National Oratorical Contest encourages teenagers to study the U.S. Constitution and an opportunity to win up to $20,000 for college.

Will you join The American Legion?

If you become a member of The American Legion you help more veterans than with real problems and concerns than an organization out there.  For the G.I. Bill from 1944 to the current G.I. Bill of rights, The American Legion was the point on the issues.

Our System Worth Saving program inspects V.A. facilities and reports those findings back to Congress.  We look out for our veterans.

Next Step

Find a Legion Post near you  or join the American Legion Department of Michigan post, by calling (517) 371-4720 ext #124.  We can send you an application and work to verify your service time.

Learn more about The American Legion

Contact Mark Sutton at (517) 471-4720 ext 116, or email at info (at) michiganlegion.org

Visit The American Legion Youtube channel to learn more about how the Legion changes the lives of our fellow veterans, communities, state, and nation.