American Legion Michigan Boys State Committee

Jerry Kelley (Post 282, 2nd District, 2nd Zone)

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  • Timothy Hill (Post 294, 6th District, 3rd Zone)
  • Dan McCrary (Post 303, 1st District, 1st Zone)
  • Walter Hanson (Post 80, 11th District, 5th Zone)
  • Kevin Sherman (Post 96, 10th District, 4th Zone)
  • David Wheeler (Post 258, 5th District, 2nd Zone)
  • John Burke, Alternate, (Post 86, 1st District, 1st Zone)

The purpose of The American Legion Boys State Committee is to provide citizenship training for boys of high school age, under the age of 18, in every constituent District in The American Legion, Department of Michigan; to afford them an opportunity to live together as self-governing citizens; to inform them about the duties, privileges, right and responsibilities of American citizenship in order that they may understand and participate in the functioning of their government; and to help grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities which they must assume when they become adults.