Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee

Chairman Don Howard – Post 217, District 16, Zone 1

Gary Bourdeau – Post 268, District 2, Zone 2

Bob Gillette – Post 396, District 16, Zone 1

Tony Licari – Post 354, District 18, Zone 3

Steve Mango – Post 217, District 16, Zone 1

Tom Sheppard – Post 245, District 10, Zone 4

Alfonse Van Hese – Post 43, District 11, Zone 5

Robert Wallin – Post 122, District 19, Zone 4

DVSO Emeritus Charles Fettes

DVSO Emeritus Barbara Fettes

DVSO Emeritus Patrick Lafferty

DVSO Emeritus Raymond Moore

DVSO Emeritus John Nelson

DVSO Emeritus Robert Rasche

DVSO Emeritus James Raupp

DVSO Emeritus James Simmons

DVSO Emeritus James Topps

DVSO Emeritus Robert Vanhill

DVSO Emeritus Norman Woodley

Ex-Officio – Department Commander Barry Wood

Ex-Officio – Department VA & R Director Gary Easterling

Ex-Officio – Department Adjutant – voice without vote Ronald Runyan

The purpose of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committee is to formulate and recommend to the Department Executive Committee of The American Legion, Department of Michigan, policies, plans and programs as they concern veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Persian Gulf and all Wars and Conflicts as of August 2,  1990, as recognized by Congress, in their physical and vocational rehabilitation, education, social and economic readjustment, entitlement to  compensation and pension, and the support of their dependents and survivors. The VA&R Committee will oversee the effectiveness of The American Legion’s programs of services to these war veterans and their dependents in claims for benefits administered by both Federal and State governments.