Buddy Check

Buddy Check Event Toolkit
Buddy Check Well-Being Toolkit

The American Legion was built on the power of personal contact. A century ago, when our organization was established, there was no other good way to grow and fulfill our purposes. Today, in honor of The American Legion’s centennial, I’m asking you to do what our founders did. Make personal contact with members and former members of your posts and districts.

Call it a “buddy check.” Ask them how they are doing. Ask if there is anything The American Legion can do for them. Perhaps they have been sick, lost a spouse or just need to know someone cares. Perhaps they simply forgot to renew their membership because no one called.

This is not a membership campaign. It’s a comradeship campaign.

Inside, you will find some steps you and your fellow Legionnaires can take to make personal contact with current and former members to let them know they have friends in The American Legion who want them to be part of our dawning second century.

For God and country,

Brett Reistad
Past National Commander
The American Legion