Goal Setting


The following is a list of goals to consider for your district to achieve:

  • Membership Goal
    • By numbers
    • By percent of total veterans in area
    • Number of 225 or DMS transfers into District
  • Post Visits?
  • New Post Goal – (ex. 1 new Post)
  • Revitalization of Post Goal or District wide
  • Sending Boys and Girls to Boys State, Girls State, and/or Student Trooper
  • Goal of Applications for scholarships
  • Goal for Oratorical participation in the District
  • Goal to submit 3 Law Enforcement officers, Firefighters, and Teachers for consideration of annual awards
  • Goal to Raise money for one or more of the following causes
    • Commanders Special Project
    • TAL Department Patriot Fund
    • TAL Department Reconnect Fund
    • The Michigan American Legion Foundation
    • Boys State Endowment or for Boys State and Student Trooper Scholarships
    • Michigan Wounded and Returning Warrior Fund
    • Wilwin Lodge
    • Legacy Scholarship for National
    • Operation Comfort Warrior
    • National Emergency Fund
    • Fisher House
    • Homeless Veterans Task Force
  • Goal to sign up 200 Legionnaires into Legion Care

Step 1: Decide what the END looks like:___________________________________

Step 2: Plan

Step 3: Execute Plan

Step 4: Monitor, tweak, and follow up – repeat step 2 and 3

Step 5: Celebrate, Critique, pass on knowledge

STEP 1: Design the goal with the “END” in mind – SMART

 What is the final result you want to achieve?

  • The number of new members or transfers
  • The amount of money you want to raise for what cause or project

Specific – be specific on what your goal will be: 1st District will send 4 boys to Boys State through money raised from the community.

 Measurable – How is the goal measured for progress and accomplishment?

 Attainable – Is this a goal that can be achieved?

 Relevant – Is it in line with the mission and values of The American Legion and your district?

 Time – When will you accomplish this; by what date will this be done? Be specific

STEP 2: Planning

Using a method from the US Marine Corps: Start with a 5 Paragraph Order

Situation: What is the problem you are looking to solve? The State Commanders special project is in need of funding, District 4 will donate funds to the project.  Is it RELEVANT?

Mission: What is the SPECIFIC goal? The 4th District will donate $2000(specific) to the Commander at Winter Meeting in February (Time table).

Execution: We have 5 full months from Sept through Jan to raise $2000.  We will hold a car wash in September, a Spaghetti dinner in October, distribute little flags in front of the grocery store for donations in November, hold a Christmas dinner in December, and ask for personal donations in January. (Measurable, attainable, and time based)

Administration and Logistics – Who will receive the money, who will be in charge of the different events, what supplies do we need, how many volunteers, what facility?

Command and Control (Communication) – Who and when will people report to the District Commander? (Measure progress)

STEP 3: Execute Plan

Give the orders and instruction based on SMEAC.  Set deadlines for plans and communication of progress.

Step 4: Monitor, tweak, and follow up – repeat step 2 and 3

Measure progresses, evaluate progress with goal, communicate, adjust plan, and be flexible like water in a river.  If need be change, try a plan B

STEP 5: Celebrate, Critique, pass on knowledge

Celebrate success – Critique, evaluate, give and receive feedback (good, bad, or ugly) – Pass on the knowledge to your alternate and next commander

  • What are 3 – 4 things the individual or team did well?
  • What are 3-4 things the individual or team could improve on the next time around?