Post Cancellation Procedures

Post Charter Cancellation Procedure

 District Commanders and their respective district officers must at times make important decisions concerning the cancellation of post charters within their districts.  When it is definitely determined that a post charter must be considered for cancellation due to causes covered in the Department By-Laws Article IV, Section 4 (k), as amended in 1961, or a failure to hold the required membership of 15, the following steps should be followed by the District Commander:

Consult with the last known Post Commander and Adjutant

Consult with Department Post Development Committee

Be certain that each post member on the current roster has been notified by receiving a copy of each notice of the intention to file for charter cancellation, and

Make a thorough survey of the assets of the post, both real and financial.

If there is any reasonable hope that the post may be revitalized, attempt to do so.

Upon a definite district decision to request cancellation of a post charter, the committeeman should make written notification to Department Headquarters not later than ten (10) days prior to the next official meeting of the Department Executive Committee that the District Commander recommends the consideration of the cancellation of a post charter.  This will allow sufficient time for the Department Adjutant to send a letter concerning the cancellation recommendation to the last known Post Commander or Adjutant of the post in question. This action will permit the post officers to appear at the DEC Meeting to defend the charter cancellation if they desire.

The matter of post charter cancellation will be on the agenda of the next DEC Meeting and the complete file supplied for reference.  The respective District Commander will be requested to supply further evidence and to make a motion for the cancellation. The action of cancellation is then provided to the National Adjutant for final cancellation by the National Executive Committee.

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